Justin Trudeau Backs Down on Threat to Snub EU over Trade Deal

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:07 am, October 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau is brave and powerful enough to elbow his political opponents in the chest.

But if you think this makes him a man who plays hardball and delivers on his threats, you would be wrong.

The woke feminist super-bae Prime Minister of Canada yesterday backed down in a game of PR brinkmanship with EU officials who are ruining his landmark trade deal.

The hunky leader had threatened to cancel a trip to Brussels on Thursday to sign the CETA trade pact if Europe failed to get its act together. The accord is being held up by angry Belgians in French-speaking Wallonia, who won’t ratify it.

Trudeau and his officials presumably hoped that the threat of missing out on a photo op with the sexiest damn politician on the planet would terrify the EU into agreeing the deal.

But even Trudeau’s rippling pecs and on-point yoga poses couldn’t focus their minds… so he decided to give up and agree to go anyway.

Despite repeated promptings from Heat Street after the self-imposed deadline had passed, Trudeau’s office refused to say whether the trip was on or not.

But later he tweeted this, making clear he hasn’t cancelled, and the Thursday deadline is still alive:

A source later added that, at least for now, Trudeau has backed down and is happy to skulk along to do Brussels’ bidding whenever they’re ready.