Julian Assange to Be Questioned in Embassy by Prosecutors Next Week

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:34 am, November 7, 2016

Julian Assange will be seen by Swedish prosecutors next week, after Ecuador struck a deal allowing them to visit him in the London embassy where he is hiding.

A high-ranking Swedish official and a member of the Swedish police said they have set a date to attend an interview with Assange over allegations of rape dating from 2010.

The deal might help end the impasse which has seen Assange holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in Knightsbridge, London for four years while claiming political asylum.

Assange says the allegations, which he denies, are a trumped-up attempt to bring him to Sweden, where he says the US will be able to extradite him to face trial for leaking government secrets.

While inside the embassy, Assange has been making plenty more trouble overseas, which has seen huge volumes of correspondence from Hillary Clinton’s campaign released to the public in a promised “October Surprise”.

The information offered a glimpse inside the often cynical world of the Clinton campaign and prompted hundreds of negative headlines for the candidate, and allegations that the information was planted by Vladimir Putin.

A statement released this morning by Swedish authorities said: “Ecuador has granted the Swedish request for legal assistance in criminal matters and the interview will be conducted by an Ecuadorian prosecutor.”

Chief Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren, and a Swedish police investigator will attend the interview, set for Monday November 14.

From the release it appears that they will be observing rather than conducting the interview directly.

Wikileaks¬†responded to the announcement by attempting to downplay it, stating that the Swedish press release contains “no new news”.