Jewish Students Claim Cambridge Covered Up Anti-Semitic Attack

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:38 am, November 28, 2016

A group of Jewish students at Cambridge claim they were victims of an anti-Semitic attack that was covered up by university authorities.

Three students say they were physically dragged out of a sports society party, and called “dirty Jew” and other anti-Semitic slurs after accidentally walking in on the event.

One victim said the friends were set upon by seven “large, intimidating males”, who seemed to object to their skullcaps and threatened to “smash our faces in” if they did not immediately leave.

The encounter took place at an event hosted by Christ’s College (pictured above) at Cambridge’s Graduate Union venue in October, the Daily Telegraph reported.

According to the Telegraph, the complainants considered going to the police, but were reassured when Christ’s promised a robust investigation of their own.

However, the prestigious college has been accused of brushing the incident “under the carpet” after exonerating those involved of any anti-Semitic behaviour and punishing only two students for their involvement in a “scuffle”.

Shlomo Roiter-Jesner, a former IDF officer studying politics at Cambridge told the newspaper: “It was a closed party so we walked out but as we did so these individuals started getting more physical and more vocal and they noticed our kippot [Jewish skullcaps].

“All of a sudden they were shouting: ‘Jew, get fucking out of here’. We tried to leave but they were yelling at us.”

A second student, who was not named, wrote of the attack: “We, and other bystanders, heard a number of vicious anti-Semitic slurs including ‘fucking Jew, you don’t belong here’, ‘dirty Jew’ and to myself, ‘fuck off, darkie’.”

The college spent almost three weeks reviewing the attack, and acquired security footage of the assault – though it did not include audio.

In a statement, Christ’s confirmed it had punished the students, but dropped claims they had been anti-Semitic.

It said: “The internal investigation did succeed in identifying two Christ’s students who admitted using foul language and participating in a scuffle but they denied initiating the physical hostility and denied using any anti-Semitic or racist language. In relation to the former they were disciplined.”

The college denied a cover-up. Heat Street has contacted Christ’s College and Roiter-Jesner for further comment.

Featured image via Flickr/Chris Huang