“Jew-S-A!” Rabid Anti-Semite Filmed At Trump Rally Chanting About Jews

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By Louise Mensch | 3:28 pm, October 30, 2016

The rabid racism prevalent at so many Donald Trump rallies does not seem to winding down as his campaign grinds to a whimpering halt.

After the “Mormon mafia” attacks on the LDS, the next faith to be singled out by Trump supporters was Judaism.

This is nothing new – Trump and his social media campaign manager, Dan Scavino, have regularly re-tweeted anti-semitic memes and quoted Nazi-loving members of the online alt-right.

However, the sluggish, overweight troll screaming “Jew-S-A”! to the beat of a “USA!” chant may stir the race, because he was dumb enough to be filmed.

Wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt and grimacing with hate, the racist leaned over the press railing and chanted at reporters he thinks are Jewish. Watch:

The racism is likely to hurt Trump in Florida, with a large Jewish population, and to reinforce his toxicity with moderates and women.

Evan McMullin’s running mate, Mindy Finn, is Jewish. The campaign has long maintained that religious freedom is important for all faiths and for atheists. The viral nature of the man’s ugly chants, filmed from a variety of angles, could boost the McMullin-Finn ticket not only in Utah but in conservative states like Wyoming and Idaho.


The video was shared by reporters from many media outlets. The tweet below embeds another version of it.

Jake Tapper played the clip to Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press, and even she called the man “Deplorable”, arguing that most Trump rally attenders were not like him.

Trump’s racist supporters on Twitter, however, did not help him much.