Jailed Satanic Murderer Accused of Plotting More Death from Behind Bars

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By Kieran Corcoran | 1:59 pm, May 29, 2017
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A convicted murder who killed in the name of Satan has been accused of plotting even more death from his prison cell.

Daniel Ruda, a German criminal who drank the blood of his first victim, has allegedly been plotting to have his ex-wife, and partner in crime, killed off.

Ruda has been in prison for 15 years, since he was convicted of the grisly murder of baker Frank Hackert in 2002.

Also put behind bars was Ruda’s then-wife, Manuela, who assisted him in the killing.

The two captured the attention of the world for their demonic appearances, and apparent determination to revel in their evil of their actions.

Ruda had filed his teeth to sharp points, and made Satantic “devil horn” gestures during his court trial.

Manuela also adopted a troubling appearance, dressing in black, studded leather and covering herself in tattoos. During the trial she had an inverted crucifix shaved into the side of her head.

However, Manuela has since served her sentence and has been released to rejoin German society under a new identity.

But according to prosecutors in Bochum, a city in Western Germany, Ruda tried while in prison to have Manuela murdered.

According to MailOnlinehe attempted to hire a contract killer in 2012.

The plan was allegedly for the female killer to get a job at the psychiatric unit where Manuela was being held and then murder her once she was close enough.

Ruda has strenuously denied the allegations.

The claims came to light as Ruda is nearing the end of his own prison term.

His lawyers have claimed he is a reformed man and no longer a danger to society.

However, if he is found guilty of the alleged plot he is likely to be kept in prison for many years to come.