Drifter Attacks Italian TV Reporter During Live Broadcast on Migrant Crisis

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:59 am, May 11, 2017

An Italian TV reporter was assaulted live on camera during a late-night report on Europe’s migrant crisis.

Francesca Parisella was reporting on a group of drifters assembled outside Rome’s central train station when one lashed out at her, disrupting the video feed.

Parisella was providing a report for Martix 5, a local TV channel, about the number of people who had pitched up to the Roma Termini station.

About halfway through her segment, just as Parisella notes that she is keeping her distance so as not to disturb the men, her camera operator gets knocked back.

After a disruption in the feed, she reports back to the newsroom that “we’ve been assaulted”.

Parisella and her colleague then start to run away, but are pursued.

She screams, while the studio anchor Nicola Porro shouts “Oh God, get out of there”. Parisella’s heavy breathing can then be heard, and the feed cuts out.

Porro asks Matrix 5 staff to call the police, and by the time the video feed is live again, Italian police can be seen in the background dealing with the situation.

A report on Italian news site Quotidiano.net said a 37-year-old man from the Ivory Coast, in Africa, was later arrested over the attack.

Speaking the following day, Porro told another news station he felt “guilty” for sending a female reporter to the danger spot, but that she had not been hurt and was now fine.