Italian Mayor Offers $2,200 to Anyone Who Will Move to his Beautiful, Dying Village

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:36 am, May 10, 2017
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The mayor of a remote village in Italy is offering the equivalent of $2,200 in cash to anyone who will move there in an attempt to halt its rapid population decline.

Daniele Galliano is mayor of Bormida (pictured), a medieval hilltop community in Liguria, north west Italy.

Located 1,600ft above sea level, the village boasts clean air, traditional architecture, a church and four restaurants.

However, it has a population of only 394 and falling, as the younger generation moves out in order to find work in Italy’s cities.

Writing on Facebook, Galliano said the finer points of the cash offer still needed local council approval but otherwise the scheme appears to be completely genuine.

Anyone transferring their residence there from 2018 would be eligible for the cash.

A further enticement to those pursuing the offer would be guaranteed low property rents, starting at about $55 per month.

Work is said to be thin on the ground in Bormida but the manager of local restaurant Oddone Giuseppe said: ‘Life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food.’

A report last year compiled by Legambiente, an Italian environmental association, claimed that 2,500 villages throughout the country are at risk of being abandoned because of depopulation.

Featured image via Flickr/photobeppus