Iowa State University Engineering Students Now Have to Sit Through Lectures on Microaggressions

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 10:17 am, October 3, 2016

Iowa State University is putting its engineering students through lectures on the dangers of microaggressions—and as least one parent isn’t happy about what she sees as an attempt at “brainwashing.”

The concerned parent of an ISU freshman has sent a picture to Gateway Pundit blog showing a PowerPoint presentation to students of software engineering on microaggressions. She told the site: “I guess I’ve seen this stuff before online but never thought is was widespread enough to invade Iowa.”

“I weep for our future and am glad I raised my son to see this for what it really is and not buy into it. But he still has three more years of brainwashing left. He’s not out of the woods yet”, she added.


The photo above appears to show examples of microaggresions shown in the lecture:

  • Attending a lecture that only depicts the accomplishments of white men in engineering
  • Stating “Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough” (meritocracy)
  • Mistaking a faculty of color as a graduate assistant or student; addressing them by their first name or Mr./Ms. _______ instead of Dr. _______ or Professor ________
  • Asking an Asian American peer for help in Math, under the assumption they are/should be good in the subject area
  • Choosing not to be a part of a team with peers that don’t look like you

It costs at least $10,000 a year to study at Iowa State University.

Money well spent?