Identity Politics Must Die Before The Liberal Left Can Win Again

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By Martin Daubney | 3:32 am, November 15, 2016

Are the modern liberal Left the worst losers in all of political history?

There seem to be scant other conclusions to draw at the end of a week that has seen the largest outpouring of sanctimonious rage against the great uneducated, racist, white Western world since, well, Brexit in June.

Nightly, hourly, by the minute, via endless MSM and social media outpourings, and six consecutive nights of #NotMyPresident placards, the liberal elite has persisted in shamefully labelling anybody who disagrees with them as racist, sexist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, whatever.

Preposterously, Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Trump has been labelled a “white-lash” – a meme coined by CNN’s Van Jones. The theory that “angry white men caused the end of America as we know it” instantly became an eagerly-devoured nugget of liberal hashtivism.

There was just one problem: it doesn’t withstand any factual scrutiny.

True, Donald Trump might have bagged 58% of the white vote, but that was 1% less than Mitt Romney secured in 2012, according to data from Pew.

And the “whitelash” totally discredits those 29% of Latino/Hispanic voters and 29% Asians who voted Trump (all, incidentally, higher than Romney’s 27% scores for 2012). While Trump only bagged a tiny 8% of black voters, even that was up from Romney’s 6% in 2012.

It would have been far snappier, and factually correct, to declare Barack Obama’s record share of 95% of the black vote in 2008 as a “blacklash”. But nobody even thought to coin such a reductive phrase, because it would look dumb, bitter and racist.

We saw the same anti-white sentiment in the UK after Brexit, when Labour’s Diane Abbott sneeringly claimed Leave voters secretly want “less foreign-looking people on their streets”.

Like the “whitelash”, this completely failed to accept that the 17 million Britons who voted (by 52% versus 48%) to exit the European Union included 53% of the Sikh vote, plus 33% of Asians; 30% of Muslims, Hindus and Chinese and 27% of blacks.

Liberals increasingly preach their own tolerance through the mantra of intolerance.

As a result, they have become a divisive and highly exclusive political movement, while preaching a one-dimensional take on inclusivity. Thus, they have deserted the centre ground, and allowed the right to fill it.

Look at countless placards at #NotMyPresident marches. They opine “Diversity is what makes America great!” while ignoring the most important diversity of all: diversity of thought.

The stark truth is that any left-leaning political party or movement that majors in identity politics will get hammered at the polling booths given the chance.

Yet the ruling liberal elites of Europe and the USA seem oblivious to a new world order: if they and their supportive media call ordinary people racist, xenophobic or sexist for long enough, they will grow to hate you, then vote against you.

This is a major part of the reason Remain lost Brexit and Trump is headed for the White House. This same wind of change now blows through France, and where next?

In the UK, last week it was revealed that the leader of the socialist Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, would attract a pitiful 16% of men’s votes to be our next Prime Minister.

Small wonder, when his party, just like Clinton’s Democrats, seems to despise the same beleaguered working class men who only a generation ago made up the party’s core vote.

The American and British working classes do not oppose uncontrolled migration or globalisation because they are small-minded isolationists, but because they are most likely to be ravaged by its forces, lose their jobs, then live in poverty and die young.

Even former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf – who became known as “Comical Ali” – accepted defeat better than the liberal left.

During the first Iraqi War, as Ali’s delusional cries of “We are pounding their forces!” made him a global laughing stock, so the liberal left’s broken-record cries of “Racism! Sexism! Xenophobia!” means the world stops listening to them, too, as their empire burns.

Except there’s absolutely nothing comical about the death rattle of identity politics.

Liberals, in the name of all that’s holy, you must stop: your shaming identity politics are not part of the solution.

They are the root cause of the problem.