How Social Media Is Killing Relationships

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By Constance Watson | 2:18 am, December 23, 2016

Whatever happened to a dignified silence? From ‘conscious uncoupling’ to blazing rows to public court cases, social media has robbed the folk of Tinseltown of dignity.

When it comes to celebrity relationships, nothing, it seems, is sacred. And few details are spared from the public, who have grown accustomed to – in some cases, grown to expect – relationships to break down in the most overt fashion. The world is the audience and Twitter is the stage.

One such example is reality TV royalty Rob Kardashian and his formerly affianced, Blac Chyna. The latter dumped the former over a public Instagram post, telling him ‘it’s over.’

Kardashian then responded by posting a photograph on Instagram of himself and Blac in happier times, accompanied by this toe-curlingly embarrassing statement: ‘This weekend I was in an emotional bad place and did some things that embarrassed myself and my family.’

Err, too right you’re embarrassing yourself.

‘I apologize and I’m seeking help to deal with my flaws/ issues. Please pray for me and I’m sorry @blacchyna.’

Have you ever read such excessively sentimental drivel? He went on to post pictures of his newborn daughter Dream, pledging to get better ‘for you.’

Poor Dream.

No doubt the saga will continue, and anyone following either Rob or Blac on social media will have front row tickets as the indecisive couple air their dirty laundry in public for the world to see. Classy.

Singer Taylor Swift is a serial offender although, to give her credit, she goes for the (ever so) slightly subtler approach of blasting former lovers in the lyrics of her songs. Singer Harry Styles got off comparatively lightly in I Knew You Were Trouble, with Taylor singing ‘no apologies. He’ll never see you cry, pretends he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why…. The saddest fear comes creeping in, that you never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything.’

Another singer, Katy Perry, allowed the cameras to follow the breakdown of her marriage to comedian Russell Brand in her autobiographical documentary film Part of Me. At the time, critics labelled the scenes ‘heart-rending.’ I don’t mean to be insensitive, but it’s going to take more than that to wrench my heart from my chest.

And if it’s not the celebrities themselves, it’s their entourages leaking information. Take Brad and Angelina’s unexpected announcement that they were getting divorced after two years of marriage earlier this year. It wasn’t long before allegations of physical abuse were soon swirling around social media, against Brad, who was supposed to have become embroiled in fisticuffs with son Maddox.

We’ve become so hardened to people taking chunks out of each other in public that we are no longer shocked by these fallouts. It’s a crying shame relationships – which (call me traditional) ought to be sacred between two people – are instead publicly documented.

It’s also indicative of one of the great sadnesses of our times: how social media has desensitised us to people taking swipes at each other in public, immunised us against the notion of privacy, and encouraged some of us to tell the world every gory little detail. Enough!