How Left-Wing Trolls Are Reacting to Steven Woolfe Being Hospitalized

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By Heat Street Staff | 9:46 am, October 6, 2016

UPDATE: Woolfe is conscious, and has released a statement saying he is “smiling as ever”.  Heat Street understands police are not currently investigating.


In case you ever needed a reminder that the Left has no monopoly on compassion – this is how retrograde elements of Twitter are reacting to news that Steven Woolfe is in a critical condition in hospital:

“Cult Corbynista” says:

The UKIP MEP, who filed his weekly column for Heat Street just yesterday, was attacked after a meeting in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allegedly by another MEP.

This man with a Corbyn Twitter badge says:

This anti-Brexit tweeter says:

It is not even six months since Jo Cox was murdered in the street and people swore to bring compassion and respect back to politics.

In the interests of fairness, we will point out that people from across the political spectrum have also wished him well:

But it seems preposterous to believe that these are the people supposedly cheering on a “kinder, gentler politics”.