How Hillary Clinton Is Making the World More Sexist

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By Martin Daubney | 5:24 am, November 8, 2016

If there’s one tiresome, omnipresent buzzword that has come to define the 2016 US election, it will surely be “sexism”.

Believe the liberal media, and everything about Donald Trump’s campaign was sexist, from his “locker room banter” and Tic Tac-fuelled groping, to talking over Hillary Clinton in TV debates.

Naturally, that made all of Trump’s supporters sexist by proxy, too.

Neatly, this allowed a phoney narrative to take hold, perpetrated by everyone from Barack Obama down: namely, it wasn’t Hillary’s deeply-flawed and corrupt character that, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, meant 52% of white men hold a “very unfavorable” view of her.

No: it was “ambivalent sexism” – a previously undetected form of misogyny cooked up by the pro-Clinton media, that, like some pernicious new virus, infects only white men, and without them even knowing.

White American men have now been called sexist for so long that both America and the world believes it. Hell, even white American men are beginning to believe it about themselves.

Hillary Clinton is making America sexist again not because it is true,
but because it is useful for her, to shame and silence her critics. It’s just what liberals do to suppress open discourse when the facts are stacked against them.

But all that labelling has a consequence: the label sticks.

In essence, calling American men sexist actually makes America more sexist.

Labelling Theory is a cornerstone of human psychology, where the self-identity and behaviour of individuals can be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It’s a close cousin of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

To understand how white, working class men work on a macro/societal level, (as a coal miner’s son I have some insight) let’s look to the individual, micro scale, and indulge in a little role play.

Say Man A has a henpecking wife, who constantly belittles and undermines him, perhaps saying he isn’t man enough, or jealously accusing him of having affairs.

For a while, Man A tolerates this: he is a well-raised guy who wants a quiet life, and knows himself to be decent. But, eventually, he snaps. Perhaps he has an affair to “prove” he’s a man, or thinks, “well, if I’m going to be accused of a crime I haven’t done, I might as well have some fun!”

Because if you mock a man’s masculinity long enough, you will get a masculine reaction, and that might not always be pretty.

The wife is proved “right”: her husband was a sexist, cheating scumbag all along. Yet she completely omits to acknowledge she played a part in driving him to it.

Hillary Clinton is that wife; and her political advisors and liberal media allies the ones saying “we told you so”.

Let’s torch this misandrist sham, endlessly fuelled by the sexist, anti-male liberal press such as The Washington Post, Salon, Vox, Buzzfeed and The Atlantic, the last of which recently claimed men have a “precarious manhood” that somehow infects 50% of humanity with a latent terror of being ruled by women.

Look beyond American shores and you will see this to be demonstrably false.

Here in the UK, our new female Prime Minister Theresa May is enjoying huge popularity amongst men. 65% think she’d make a better Prime Minister than her male counterpart and leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, four times less popular at 16%.

Our second woman premier, May is in the mould of our first, Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. What these formidable women have in common is that neither has ever made a virtue, nor a weakness, of their gender. Both made it as a woman in a “man’s world” (which, increasingly, politics isn’t anyway). Thatcher was a woman with balls who never once cried sexism when she got it wrong, and men respected her for it. Plenty of people hated Thatcher, but it had absolutely nothing to do with her being a woman. May is the same.

In Germany, despite her disastrous programme of uncontrolled immigration, Angela Merkel remains perhaps the country’s most-loved leader of all time.

Here in the UK, Corbyn’s liberal-left Labour Party is experiencing a spectacular collapse in support among white, working class men, one with which Americans will identify.

Corbyn, and his high-profile women frontbenchers, routinely call British men sexist. It’s an obsession bordering on a pathology.

Exactly as Clinton’s Democrats forgot the Rust Belt, the British Labour Party have abandoned working-class communities like my father’s, ravaged by the death of the coal, steel and shipbuilding industries. That betrayal will never be forgotten.

This dissatisfaction with the system – and constantly being labelled sexist/racist/whatever – is what made Brits smash the Brexit button, and is the torch that attracts American blue collar men to Donald Trump.

If Clinton is elected the first woman POTUS, that anger won’t subside; it will intensify. American men had better buckle up for the grim prospect of being labelled sexist at every opportunity for the next four years.

Sadly for Clinton, the sexism card is a busted flush. It will no longer silence men, many of whom are on their knees, and being kicked while they are down.

Instead, it will cause a defiant roar. Sometimes it will be ugly and sexist. And Hillary Clinton will have nobody but herself, her advisers and her media to blame.

If you treat men like animals for long enough, then don’t be surprised when they start acting like them.