High School Teachers Lash Out at Lazy, Entitled ‘Snowflake Generation’ Who Refuse to Help Themselves

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By Kieran Corcoran | 3:58 am, April 19, 2017

High school teachers have lashed out at an entitled “snowflake generation” of millennials who refuse to help themselves in the classroom.

Educators from UK secondary schools complained that lazy students are demanding ever-more hand-holding in the classroom and after hours.

Speakers at one of the British teaching profession’s biggest conferences said that parents, school leaders and students themselves were all leaning on teachers in the expectation that they were entitled to receive extra support.

At the NASUWT conference in Manchester this weekend, teachers told how they were expected to provide personal coaching to students who in the past would have had to go home and study on their own.

Instead, staff are now expected to run catch-up or revision classes for no extra pay.

According to the Daily Mail, senior NASUWT member Chris Allen said: “We’re told we do it for the good of the children.

“Is it good? Or are we just installing them with a sense of entitlement that does not equip them for the working life? – ‘Don’t bother too much with lessons, we’ll bail you out at the end.'”

Professor Alan Smithers, an education expert at the University of Buckingham, added that many pupils know “if they’re not going to work, teacher is going to come in and boost them”.

“This is another sign of the snowflake generation, with young people becoming ever more dependent and sensitive and relying on others to look after them and do the work for them.”