Greek Lawmaker Kicked Out of Parliament for Shoving, Throwing Water Bottles at Political Rival

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:28 am, May 16, 2017

A Greek MP was ejected from parliament after getting into a brawl with a political rival.

Ilias Kasidiaris (pictured center), a member of the far-right Golden Dawn party, allegedly shoved conservative Nikos Dendias in the chambers of the Hellenic Parliament in Athens.

Dendias claims that Kasidiaris also threw water bottles at him during a parliamentary session on Monday.

Footage from the parliament’s video feed shows Kasidiaris taking umbrage with Dendias for walking in front of him during a speech.

The feed switches angles moments later, obscuring the precise events of the scuffle. Parliament promptly erupts into uproar.

Officials summoned parliamentary police officers, who removed Kasidiaris.

After the brawl, Dendias gave his side to Greek newspaper Kathimerini:

[Kasidiaris] said “Hey, where are you going?’ I didn’t move and he pushed me with both hands. I continued to stand still and he made a move to attack me but others held him back… He then grabbed some bottles and started throwing water at me.

Greece’s parliament has a reputation for rowdiness, particularly since the financial crash of 2008 wrecked the country’s economy and brought a host of more extreme political forces to power.

Members of Kasidiaris’s party, Golden Dawn, are the most frequent offenders. Thirty-seven-year-old Kasidiaris has a particularly fearsome reputation – he spent time in prison and has previously been censured for slapping a political rival in parliament.

Dendias may have proved especially provocative for Golden Dawn MPs.

As a former government minister, he oversaw a major political trial which has seen every Golden Dawn MP, Kasidiaris included, accused of being part of a criminal organization.