German Police Could Have Stopped Berlin Terror Attack, ‘Covered Up’ Failure to Do So

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:03 am, May 19, 2017
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German police failed to arrest the immigrant who killed 12 people in last December’s Berlin Christmas market terror attack weeks before he struck and then covered up the fact, it’s been claimed.

The regional government in Berlin, where the slaughter took place, has filed criminal charges against two of its own police officers over allegations they faked documents to cover up a missed opportunity to arrest Anis Amri (pictured) more than a month before the atrocity.

Amri, who was born in Tunisia, drove a stolen truck into crowds buying Christmas presents, killing 12 people and injuring 60 more

According to the new claims, police had sufficient evidence to arrest him for drug dealing six weeks earlier but failed to do so.

They obtained the proof which could have put him in police custody having monitored his phone calls – something they were doing anyway because he was regarded as a potential terrorist. The intercepts proved he was also a big time drug dealer and drug trafficker.

Andreas Geisel, interior minister for the regional government, said he had found an official surveillance report that showed police had significant evidence Amri was heavily involved in the drugs trade.

“In this document, Anis Amri is accused of professional and organised drugs trafficking,” Mr Geisel said. “It would have served as the basis of an arrest warrant that could have prevented the attack.”

A second version of the report was located in which Amri’s involvement was underplayed. “This version no longer refers to professional and organised trafficking, but only to drug dealing,” Mr Geisel said.

The minister said the second version of the report was written on January 17 — almost a month after the attacks — but “clearly backdated to November 1”.