German ‘Arab Clan’ Gangs Are Exploiting Immigrant Asylum Centers To Recruit New Drug Dealers

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 9:36 am, May 14, 2017

Organized “Arab clan” crime gangs in Berlin, Germany are using asylum centers to recruit new drug dealers from the newly arrived migrant population and extorting others.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses for a selfie with Anas Modamani, a refugee from Syria

Andreas Meyer, a former staff member at one of migrants centers in the German capital, has told the national press how luxury cards would stop by at the asylum centers at night carrying “Arab clan” gang members, who would then recruit young 18- to 20-year-old migrants into the drug trade.

The former employee at the center told Die Zeit that meetings between the gang members and the migrants normally last for about half an hour before they are given drugs like marijuana or heroin to sell. Meyer added that the media is reluctant to address the issue.

“The young refugees have no one here to stop them,” said Benjamin Jendro of the Berlin Police Union, agreeing with Meyer.“They see peers who are driving an Audi Q8 and hear how easy it is to get there, and they want that too. You can not blame them.”

Criminal gangs see advantage in recruiting new migrants because they have no criminal record history in the country and those who are underage wouldn’t face trials in adult courts if caught committing crimes.

“For the [Arab] clans, there is no risk,” Jendro said, adding that the recruited migrants would never be included in the inner circle of the gangs, so therefore even if caught by the police, they would have no information to provide.

A boat loaded with illegal immigrant is seen on June 21, 2005 in Lampedusa, Italy.

The Arab gangs in the country are also in the business of renting homes to migrants, albeit inflating prices and extorting some of them. It has been reported that gangs also took money from migrants who don’t even live in the accommodations.

Similarly, the mafia in Italy has also been rumored to rent low-quality accommodations to migrants at extortionist prices.

“There is a mass of money intended for the reception of migrants that is attracting the interests of Mafia organizations,” Italian prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro said.

In addition to organized gangs trying to recruit in migrant centers, people are warning about radical Islamists trying to radicalize newly arrived people from the Middle East under the cover of charity work.

German investigative journalist Shams Ul-Haq said Islamic extremism is common in asylum centers. He claimed that migrants in the centers are talking about setting up an Islamic State cell in Berlin.