George Osborne Was Paid £777 Per Minute For Speech

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By Miles Goslett | 10:01 am, November 3, 2016

George Osborne has been receiving praise from all quarters today for his speech at last night’s Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards.

Maybe this is why the former chancellor was feeling so upbeat:


Heat Street finds he’s just trousered £70,000 for 90 minutes’ work speaking to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) in Washington DC.

That’s a cool £777 per minute.

On top of this Osborne says he is expecting payment of £28,454.40 for a speech he gave on 17 October 2016 from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California.

This took three hours of his time, apparently.

Both declarations were made in the newly updated Commons register of members’ interests.

The thick end of £100,000 for a total of four and a half hours’ work will easily cover the Osborne children’s school fees next year after tax.

Osborne says he wants to remain an MP.

But will the threatened crack down on MPs outside earnings turn him off the idea?