Gay Couple Given 82 Lashes for Sodomy in Brutal Public Beating Under Indonesian Islamic Law

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:35 am, May 24, 2017
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Two gay men were given 82 lashes with a cane in a brutal public punishment for having sex.

The men were marched onto a raised platform outside a mosque, and beaten until they were on the brink of collapse, to the cheers of a large crowd.

One is pictured above receiving a lash.

The unnamed men were punished in Banda Aceh, a part of Indonesia where Islamic Shariah law is rigidly enforced.

According to a report by the Reuters news agency, about 1,000 people gathered to watch the beating, delivered to the men’s backs by officials with wooden canes.

Police segregated the crowd along gender lines. Many in the audience filmed the events on their smartphones, while more people watched the beating via live-streaming services.

According to a Vice journalist who was at the beating, members of the crowd shouted: “Cane him on the ass so it won’t happen again!” and “Hit him harder!”

Those performing the caning appear to have been allowed to deliver up to 100 lashes – but decided to relent after the 82nd.

The location of the beating is the center of the Aceh province, which has its own law-making powers and has implemented a hardline version of Shariah law.

Unlike in the rest of the country, homosexuality in Aceh is illegal and carries harsh physical punishments, such as the one meted out on Tuesday.

Indonesia is officially a secular country, although it is home to the world’s single largest population of Muslims.

But Aceh is allowed to implement Shariah law as part of a power-sharing deal struck with violent separatists in 2005. In recent years the rules have got harsher.

Police in Aceh enforce Islamic clothing rules for women, insisting on headscarves and loose-fitting clothes in the manner of “morality police” in officially Muslim countries like Iran.

There are also punishments for drinking and gambling, which are not illegal elsewhere in Indonesia.