French Couple Viciously Assaulted For ‘Haram’ Ham Pizza

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 11:46 am, September 1, 2016

A couple was viciously attacked in France by two Muslim men after ordering a pizza containing ham.

The French couple spent their evening at Le Mix Bar, a nightclub in Northern France, and ordered pizza with ham from a nearby food place.

According to a French newspaper La Voix Du Nord, two Muslim men, Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid, then approached the couple and offered drugs – but after noticing ham on the pizza, they told the couple they would “go to hell” for eating it.

Eating meat from pigs isn’t considered appropriate – halal – in Islam.

The assailants started to intimidate and humiliate the woman by touching her hair and forcing their fingers into her nose, which made her pass out.

The man tried to protect her, but they started beating him up until security staff from the nightclub interjected.

The two men escaped the crime scene in a car rented in Belgium, the registration plates for which eventually led cops to the attackers.

Both of them were were jailed for a year and six months, and had to pay each €1,500 in damages to the French couple.