French Air Force Chief in Hot Water for Using Army Fighter Jet for Weekend Jaunts to Provence

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By Nahema Marchal | 12:26 pm, June 28, 2017
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The French Air Force has opened an investigation into one of its senior generals after reports emerged that he had been routinely “leasing” an army jet fighter for his vacations in Provence.

Former jet fighter General Richard Reboul faces disciplinary action if the allegations leveled against him by the weekly Le Canard Enchainé prove to be true.

In an article published on Wednesday, the paper alleges that Reboul used an Alpha jet belonging to the French Air Force to travel between Bordeaux and his country retreat in Provence at least half-a-dozen times since August.

The Canard Enchainé also claims the Air Force acting chief once mobilized a six-person military transport aircraft, complete with pilot and a co-pilot, to head to his weekend home.

Richard Reboul, who previously served as teaching director at the Salon-de-Provence Air School, was appointed second-in-command of the Air Force in September 2016. He then took over as acting commander in chief after the passing of General Serge Soulet in May.

The newly appointed minister of the armed forces, Florence Parly, ordered an immediate investigation into the allegations, which will be carried out internally by the air force to “clarify the facts”  newspaper Le Monde newspaper quoted her saying.

The Alpha Jet is a light attack jet developed specifically to perform training and light attack missions.