“Five Presidents” EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker Drunk in Public, Slaps Leaders

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By Louise Mensch | 7:02 pm, June 3, 2016

Prominent British Member of Parliament Michael Gove received rave reviews for his performance on Sky TV’s European Union Referendum debate on Friday night. One of Gove’s many well-received points concerned the “Five Presidents” who run the EU – whom nobody can name.

The most powerful among these is Luxembourgish politician Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU Commission head who has threatened Britain.

Last night, sensational video emerged showing Juncker obviously drunk in public, hopping from foot to foot and slapping other EU leaders. A second member of the “Five Presidents”, Donald Tusk, stands next to him looking uneasy.

The UK has seen huge polling swings towards a vote to leave the European Union in the wake of record EU migration figures.

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Juncker’s anti-British stance caused UK Prime Minister David Cameron to threaten to leave the EU if he was appointed. Cameron even raised Juncker’s drinking problem at the time. Cameron’s objections carried no weight however, and Juncker was appointed.

At another moment Mr. Cameron might have been glad to be proven right. Not, however, before the EU referendum on June 23rd.

Mr. Juncker has threatened Britain in the event of Brexit and said he wants an EU army.