Feminists Pretty Quiet as Turkey’s Only All-Female News Agency Gets Shut Down

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:37 am, November 2, 2016

Brutal repression in Turkey continues apace – especially when it comes to cracking down on the media and Kurdish dissidents.

One of the latest victims of the purge – which saw Recep Tayyip Erdogan shut down 15 organisations by decree, was JINHA, an all-women network dedicated to covering Turkey from a Kurdish and female perspective.

(JINHA reporters are pictured above with staff from other banned publications)

Government agents shut down their offices on Saturday night. According to a post on the JINHA site, police broke in and changed the locks at the same time the government banned them from operating.

The reporters – who are continuing to cover the news via their Facebook page instead – have said they refuse to be silenced, and tried to get their plight trending on social media.

However, the international sisterhood has been oddly muted in its response. News of the shutdown was covered by The Independentand was also mentioned in a dispatch by Guardian correspondent in Istanbul.

The event is yet to spark any comment pieces, and searches of leading feminist sites like Jezebel, Bustle, Fusion, Mic.com, Refinery29 and the like have yet to yield any coverage.

Vice ran a long feature on the agency in January, but has yet to note that it has been shut down.

The #JINHAcannotbesilenced hashtag has receive relatively little uptake.

Unlike their western counterparts, who fixate on birth control, “fuckboys”, Halloween costumes and pronouns, JINHA’s latest statement of defiance describes their work like this:

JINHA has become the voice of women, who have been oppressed, killed in the streets, fought for their clothes and laughter, decided how to live, subjected to rape, sold in slave markets, and burned to death and who fight and resist against all those, break the masculine mindset and build the free life and bring the revolution.

As followers of Gurbetelli Ersöz, Deniz Fırat, Şilan Aras and other brave female journalists, we continue their struggle.

Its reporters have been fired upon in the course of their work. Several have been put in prison, including the agency’s editor.

Heat Street is well aware there is anime to complain about, films to get banned and birth control studies to misrepresent – but is this really not even worth a mention?