Feminist Writer Says We Need to Put an End to ‘Orgasm Privilege’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 2:57 pm, October 11, 2016

There’s a new front in the war against the Patriarchy: “Orgasm privilege”

In a scathing article, one feminist writer says it’s the reason why women don’t climax on par with men in the bedroom. In the piece, which includes a warning that “whilst it discusses vaginas, under no circumstances do genitals determine gender,” feminist journalist Lauren Ingram urges women to pick up the fight and demand equality in orgasms.

“The very personal is political, yet for years women have been putting up with orgasm-less sex. We should be fighting for equality not only in boardrooms and on the streets, but in our bedrooms,” she writes.

As a rallying call for change, she adds: “Now is the time to bring this issue to a head and demand equality. It shouldn’t be up to individual women to school their male partners; we need to change our culture so that men are expected to put in all effort necessary to pleasure the women they’re sleeping with.”

Ingram blames the patriarchal culture and objectification of women on men having no idea what they’re doing in bed. According to her, men “fed on a diet of pornography and objectification of women” use women solely for their own pleasure.

“For years, the majority of anything relating to sex — from pornography, to articles in magazines, to research into sex based disorders — has focused on cis, heterosexual men,” Ingram says.

At one point, she undercuts her own argument by claiming she just wants “the justice to have the good sex that they deserve — whether that includes an orgasm or not.”

Come on, Lauren, check your orgasm privilege.