EXCLUSIVE: Trump Tapes Ensure Utah Goes Evan McMullin – Our Interview

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By Louise Mensch | 12:49 pm, October 8, 2016
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Overnight a bunch of Utah Republicans unendorsed Donald Trump, meaning the state is highly likely to go to independent conservative Evan McMullin. McMullin-Finn can now look for endorsements from Mitt Romney and possibly the Trump-dumping Governor Mike Herbert, Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Congresswoman Mia Love. Senator Mike Lee (UT) was always Never Trump, and former Governor Huntsman withdrew his support. Governor Mitt Romney blasted Trump with an insanely viral tweet. Utah is not likely to vote Trump or pro-choice Hillary Clinton of Gary Johnson. McMullin is a lot closer today to his dream of winning electoral college votes, the first candidate since George Wallace to do so, and throwing the election to the House, which now will certainly not pick Trump. He could very plausibly now be President.

Here, McMullin discusses winning the state of Utah – and his campaign as an independent conservative in our exclusive interview.