EXCLUSIVE: #JewSA “Jew-S-A” Chanter Confirms He Supports Donald Trump

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By Louise Mensch | 10:55 pm, October 30, 2016
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EXCLUSIVE: the “Jew-S-A” chanter is indeed a Donald Trump fan and NOT a Hillary supporter.

George Lindell said on his Facebook page:


This is ludicrous, as the racist and anti-semite was clearly chanting “Jew-S-A” and nothing in “Spanish”.

His Facebook account reflects his “Likes” of Donald Trump, and single favored book “F*ck You I’m Irish” – nothing in Spanish.

All his Facebook affiliations show Irish heritage only.


Putinbot Trump trolls had pretended that Lindell was a Hillary supporter so his racism would not reflect on Trump.

As one commenter pointed out, it wasn’t merely that Lindell chanted and gestured “Jew – S – A” but that NO Trump fans in the pen around him remonstrated with him or tried to stop him.

Even KellyAnne Conway had to admit that was “Deplorable”.

UPDATE 2: Original Never Trumper Jack Tinker provided us with a direct link to George Lindell’s YouTube channel. Among Lindell’s favorites are the Putinbot #1 video “Putin tells us who created ISIS” (Obama) “Top 10 Feminist Cringes”, Mormon-hating Lou Dobbs, and a whole bunch of Putin stooge, Alex Jones of Infowars, conspiracy videos. Lindell liked videos saying the Sandy Hook parents are Lizard people, and of course – he liked a video saying “the Jews did 9/11” from channel “The Jewish Lies Exposed”


UPDATE: Our readers on Twitter have found more of the Nazi For Trump’s social media footprint – his ‘likes’ on youtube: