Ex-Employees of Hillary’s Campaign, Clinton Foundation Leave Scathing Reviews on Glassdoor

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 12:06 pm, October 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton likes to remind people about how dodgy Donald Trump is as an employer and boss. But what about her own ventures?

According to the reviews on the recruitment site Glassdoor, some of her ex-employees and colleagues weren’t particularly happy working for her. People who say they were employed by the Clinton Foundation and her presidential campaign have left anonymous reviews of both workplaces.

One ex-employee of the Clinton Foundation describes it as a “shadow political campaign” riddled with “toxic culture” where “good storytelling and Clinton family cult-of-personality used to detract from work that isn’t being accomplished or scaled in a substantial way.”

The person suggested that the Foundation should decouple “the work from electoral politics” and “hire competitively on merit, not on previous service to the Clintons.”


(As with all anonymous reviews, of course, it’s hard to verify that these are people who actually worked for those entities.)

Another ex-employee, who claims to have been a director at the Foundation, wrote in 2011: “Overly lofty goals with insufficient financial resources.”

“Quit saying yes to everything and partnering with the entire world,” the anonymous ex-director added.


Some of the Foundation’s interns have also complained about unpaid work and suggested that the organization is filled with “people from mostly very wealthy background” and said it needs “more cultural diversity in Senior Management“.

Similar sentiments are found on the site among those who say they’ve worked for Hillary’s presidential campaign. One former intern said the campaign is “breaking labor laws by overworking interns and fellows” and has “young staff who don’t care about young women’s safety.”