Everyday Feminism Magazine Slashes Price of Its ‘Toxic Whiteness’ Program

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:29 am, January 4, 2017

Everyday Feminism has slashed the price of its program promising to cure the “toxic whiteness” of its readers – just months after it was launched.

The ubiquitous blog started trying to sell slots on its 10-week online learning course for $297 in October, which Heat Street covered at the time.

That course ended in December, and the site is now plastered with ads for the second round, at the drastically reduced price of $97.

Everyday Feminism has not given any reason for the price drop, and has yet to respond to requests for comment.

However, it is difficult to escape the fact that the usual reason for drastically lowering the price of something is that nobody wants to buy it.

The course is taught by Everyday Feminism founder Sandra Kim, and Dara Silverman, who is described as a racial justice organizer.

The marketing information has taken on a new tone of urgency since Trump’s election victory (which took place in week 4 of the last course and probably made for an awkward class).

It now reads:

As a white person dedicated to social justice, you’ve known how racist Trump’s campaign has been – but perhaps you didn’t know how capable so many white people, perhaps including your own family and friends, were of electing him.

You may be finding yourself coming to terms with just how prevalent and harmful white supremacy is – and how your white privilege has kept you ignorant and in denial of this reality in the first place.

So when Trump’s policies start rolling out, you know you want to be fighting alongside people of color. But you also know that you may feel frozen in place by the feelings of shock, confusion, denial, and guilt that many white people have been dealing with since the election.

Kim and Silverman used to offer 1-on-1 sessions and “limited email support” to their students, but this is no longer part of the pitch.

However, those who enroll still get access to a private Facebook group where they can “support each other and work through challenges together”.

Everyday Feminism is one of several organisations packaging wokeness to sell to guilty white people.

In December, Heat Street reported on the Safety Pin Box, a $100-a-month program where Black Lives Matter activists send “allies” a box in the mail with a list of socially just tasks to complete.

According to the founders’ claims, the project has so far made them an easy $100,000.