Evan McMullin Voters in Utah Warned of ‘Mormoncaust’ By Pro-Trump PAC

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By Louise Mensch | 2:37 pm, October 31, 2016


After the disaster of the ‘Mormon Mafia’ tweets by Trump surrogate Lou Dobbs, you might think that Trump supporters would stop insulting the LDS in Utah and across the nation.

But you would be wrong.

As Evan McMullin capitalized on Donald Trump’s attacks on him in Utah over the weekend – press included ‘Meet the Press’ and a glowing report in the Washington Post of his time in the CIA, Trump’s angry supporters were doubling down on their hatred of the conservative faith group shared by many in McMullin’s home state of Utah.

The contrast between McMullin and Trump, and the willingness of Utahns to vote their values, has brought wonderful new publicity to the Mormon church with many other conservatives joking about how ‘only Mormons should be allowed to vote’.

But supporters of P*ssy-Grabber in Chief Donald Trump, a partial-birth abortion supporter and draft-dodger who has starred in several Playboy videos, are incensed that the calm conservatives of Utah may decide to elect McMullin and throw the election to the House of Representatives.

Even if Hillary Clinton reaches 270 electoral votes without Utah, McMullin winning the mountain state would be an historic rebuke to party managers who strayed away from conservative values.

It would position McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn as a new generation of conservative leaders, and would shame Donald Trump’s faltering campaign.

In this climate – where Comeygate had no apparent influence on weekend polls – Trump’s more ardent supporters are getting desperate.

Pax Dickinson is affiliated with Wee Searcher, the lavatorial pro-Trump PAC run by Charles Chuck C Poop Johnson.


Whiny Pax then whimpered that he was joking, but his feed shows the same hatred of Mormon conservatives (and the USA’s intelligence agency, where Evan McMullin served in the field) has been on there for a long time. On September 4th he posted “The CIA and the Church of Mormon are running a shill candidate to help Hillary win”.

and in 2012 he called the then Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, names too: he was “a greedy Mormon”.

And in fact, on the day back in August that McMullin announced his candidacy, the inappropriately named Pax sneered that “the Mormons” were running him:

At time of press, Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn were surging in the state of Utah and elsewhere, the Wee Searcher champ was crying that the LDS can’t take a joke, and calling Mormons ‘sensitive faggots’.