Evan McMullin Surges in Utah As Donald Trump Collapses; Beats Gary Johnson

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By Louise Mensch | 12:53 am, October 12, 2016

Evan McMullin’s good news in Utah continues with a sensational new poll showing that Donald Trump is set to lose the normally safe Republican State.

The Deseret News poll had Hillary Clinton at 26, Donald Trump 26, conservative Evan McMullin 22, and pro-choice Gary Johnson at 14. This represents a massive slump for Trump and comes before several key endorsements expected around McMullin.

Campaign sources are bullish on the momentum in Utah for their candidate, a Mormon and former CIA field agent who is a long-time House Republican fixer.

The poll includes even more woeful news for Trump in the internals, reporting that McMullin is making those numbers while only 52% of Utahns have yet heard of him. As his name recognition rises, those numbers can only grow, poll-watchers say:

Perhaps most notably, McMullin’s numbers come even while only 52% of Utah voters know who he is. This indicates that as McMullin’s name ID grows, so will his vote share.

The Deseret News added “McMullin has caught lightning in a bottle.”

McMullin’s latest video on principles was watched half a million times on Facebook within hours of its release. A spokeswoman for the campaign told Heat Street that the viral growth was organic, with no marketing spend.

The only thing preventing McMullin’s surge up until now has been a feeling that he could not win. Now he looks like the only possible way to stop Hillary Clinton from taking the state.

McMullin is the only consistently pro-life choice on Utah’s ballot. He was recently photographed with Matt Romney, a cousin of former Governor Mitt Romney. Governor Romney has given the campaign his blessing in allowing it to fund-raise from his email list.

Were Gov. Romney to endorse McMullin, most observers see his taking the state as a certainty. But at this rate of polling growth, the young team of McMullin and Mindy Finn, his running mate, may be able to pull off the historic win anyway. If the independents were to take Utah’s six electoral votes, they could throw the election to the House of Representatives, offering America a choice other than Trump or Clinton.