‘Drunk’ Doctor Rubbed Groin Against Woman During Transatlantic Flight

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By Carl Stroud | 8:05 am, March 16, 2017

A “tipsy” general practitioner put his hand down a woman’s bra and groped her during a trans-Atlantic flight with his wife, a tribunal heard.

According to The Sun, Dr Rajkumar Mazumder also allegedly rubbed his groin against his victim’s waist while cabin lights were dimmed.

As a result the woman, who had been sat in the row in front of Mazumder, got up from her seat and alerted crew who moved her for the remainder of the 6440km journey from Charlotte, North Carolina to London’s Gatwick Airport

Police were called after the flight landed but no criminal charges were brought.

The matter was not referred to the UK’s General Medical Council until three years later when Mazumder underwent checks on his background.

The British Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told the incident occurred in September 2012 after the passenger — known only as Miss A, and who suffers from multiple sclerosis — was returning to the UK after a two-week trip visiting relatives.

Mazumder, then 66, and his then 51-year old wife Dawn, who had been in the US visiting his grandchild, were booked in the row behind Miss A on the plane.

According to the claims, the GP began talking to Miss A. He is accused of grabbing the passenger’s breast and nipple after earlier telling her his wife was being miserable.

Counsel for the General Medical Council, Katie Jones, told the tribunal how the doctor, who said he had been drinking, chatted with Miss A before he rubbed his groin against her as he returned to his seat after walking around the cabin.

She added: “He also put his hand down her top and inside her bra, grabbing her breast and nipple fairly hard.

“He hurt her when he grabbed her breast and remained there until she stood up. His action made her scared and frightened. He had not asked permission to touch her. She alleges his action was sexually motivated.”

Mazumder, from Southgate, London, later attended voluntarily at a police station to be interviewed.

Jones added: “He said there had been some conversation between him and the woman sitting in front of him. He told the police she had told him she suffered from MS, she had volunteered that information and he was concerned about her on the flight and offered to examine her.

“She nodded and he had gone on to examine her in a non-intimate way.”

Mazumder, who is now 70 and living in Spain, denies misconduct.

The hearing continues.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.