Donald Trump ‘Stole’ Donald Jr’s Boy Scout $7 Joining Fee From His Charity

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By Louise Mensch | 12:48 pm, October 15, 2016
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Seven bucks.

That’s all it cost to join the Boy Scouts of America back in 1989.

But it looks like Donald Trump was too cheap to pay that fee for his son Don Jr – and raided the Trump Foundation’s ‘charitable’ coffers to do it.

Think about that for a second.

You say you’re a billionaire, you’re a big success. And an American star. So of course, you want your kid to join the Boy Scouts.

And then you take seven dollars from your charitable foundation and ‘donate’ it to the Boy Scouts.

Seven. Dollars.

As a ‘donation’ from a ‘billionaire’ we’d hope the organization wouldn’t spend it all at once.

Donald Trump seemed to have been using a quid pro quo for the exact fee to get around paying $7 to the local council to register his own son. Twitter was hugely unimpressed;

The donation dodge has not escaped the notice of reluctant Trump-watchers, who saw that in 1989, when the $7 “donation” was made, Donald Trump Jr had just turned 11 years old, and become eligible to join the Scouts:

Trump may have to face a tax probe after the election, in addition to reports that the FBI are circling around his ties to Russia.