Does Hillary Clinton’s Failure Mean David Miliband’s The Next Labour Leader?

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:25 am, November 11, 2016

Ex-Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband has been uncharacteristically silent since his close friend Hillary Clinton failed to become US president this week.

This is almost certainly because he had been promised a job as a foreign policy advisor in Mrs Clinton’s administration, had she formed one.

As is well known, Miliband, who is paid a staggering $600,000 per year to run the New York-based charity International Rescue, has often praised Mrs Clinton.

In July he publicly noted how relaxed she was looking as she prepared to move into the final stages of the presidential campaign.

In March he said of the presidential hopeful: “She’s obviously very intelligent, she’s obviously very worldly. She’s very funny. When she smiles the full smile, she’s got a fantastic smile.”

And only this week details of a leaked speech which Bill Clinton gave at a Hillary for America fundraiser in Maryland in October last year revealed the Clintons’ closeness to Miliband. On that occasion Bill Clinton said: “The British Labour Party disposed of its most electabe leader, David Miliband, because they were mad at him for being part of Tony Blair’s government in the Iraq War and they moved to the left and put his brother [Ed] in as leader because the British Labour movement wanted it.”

The Clintons know how much Miliband wanted to lead Labour.

So now that the House of Clinton has come crashing down, Miliband will have some thinking to do.

It is not far-fetched to conclude that if he has no place in US politics, he certainly might have a place in British politics.

Some people are saying that, aged only 51, he could easily succeed Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader once Corbyn’s attempt to turn the party into a far left organisation fails.

David Miliband may be depressed that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, but at least his pool of career choices is clearer than it was at the start of the week.

This morning, several high street bookmakers make him a 10/1 shot to be the next Labour leader.

They know – as does Miliband himself – that his returning to the Labour fold is not such a crazy notion.