Did Pope Francis Just Troll the Mainstream Media by Praying for Ethics in Journalism?

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 10:06 am, October 5, 2016
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The Vatican has released a video in which Pope Francis urged Catholics around the world to pray “that journalists, in carrying out their work, may always be motivated by respect for the truth and a strong sense of ethics.”

Is he trolling the mainstream media?

Pope Francis also asks: “How can media be put to the service of a culture of encounter?”

“We need information leading to a commitment for the common good of humanity and the planet,” he added.

Heat Street tried to contact the Pope’s Press Office asking for clarification on whether these statements are intended to be a direct attack on the mainstream media and a confirmation of his support for Gamergate (as some have already suggested).

This isn’t the first time the Vatican has slammed the media. Just weeks ago, the Pope called out journalism that is based on lies or gossip and referred to it a form of “terrorism”.

His message for ethics in journalism will no doubt reverberate with many people—a mere 6 percent of Americans trust the establishment media sources. Many people perceive the mainstream media as inaccurate and biased.

The mainstream media will sure need every prayer they can get.