Democrats Panic! Email: Trump Surging in Battlegrounds, Hillary Has Roughest Week Yet

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By Louise Mensch | 9:44 am, September 14, 2016
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Donald Trump is set to win the US election – according to a Democratic party email fundraisingĀ for Hillary Clinton.

The panicked email to supporters claims the liberals’ nightmare ‘is coming true’ and adds:


LouiseĀ — this nightmare is about to become our reality.

Hillary is having her roughest week yet, and Trump is SURGING in key battleground states.

The election is less than two months away. Time is running out.

Don’t take it from Trump or his supporters – the Democrats themselves seem shaken by Hillary’s hidden health problems, revealed in Heat Street last weekend as other news outlets tamely reported what the campaign told them to say.

The fundraising email was sent out by CHC Bold PAC – that isn’t the DNC or Hillary Clinton themselves, but an Hispanic Democratic group spamming their supporters for funds.

Clearly there is poll panic over the new, disciplined Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s evident dishonesty over her health records.

Many are suggesting, even praying, on the left of America that Secretary Clinton drops out, allowing Tim Kaine or Joe Biden to succeed her at the top of the ticket. The Democratic system is far less democratic than the Republican one, placing all power in the hands of the DNC. A pity for Bernie Sanders that he threw his toys out of the pram and left the Democrats to be an Independent again the second Hillary Clinton trounced him in the primaries.

Mrs. Clinton’s deception on health is now being reported abroad as well as at home. The Drudge Report and Heat Street have led the way on covering Clinton’s health issues, when ‘mainstream’ old media sites insisted it was an alt-right conspiracy. They were all embarrassed this weekend as Clinton fainted on her way into the car at the 9/11 ceremony.