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Curse of Bernie Sanders: Attempt To Get Brother Larry Elected MP Fails

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By Miles Goslett | 11:35 am, October 21, 2016

Is it the curse of Bernie Sanders?

His big brother Larry’s attempt last night at becoming an MP in the UK parliament was thwarted.

Larry, who is an impressive 81 years of age, stood for the Green Party in the constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire. The seat was previously held by former prime minister David Cameron who resigned last month, triggering the by-election.

Despite some vigorous campaigning, Larry limped home in fourth place, clocking up a mere 1,363 votes or 3.54% of the vote.

Bernie put out a video recently – posted from America – urging people to vote for Larry:

But it’s clear this was not enough to do the trick and may have even turned some potential voters off.

After all – if Bernie failed to secure the Democratic Party nomination to run for the US presidency, why should he be considered some sort of political sage?

You have to hand it to Larry for trying, though. He is thought to be the oldest person ever to stand for any party in a British by-election.

And he did beat the UKIP candidate, which will have pleased him greatly.

The results in full:

Robert Courts (Con) – 17,313 (45.02%)

Liz Leffman (Lib Dem) – 11,611 (30.19%)

Duncan Enright (Lab) – 5,765 (14.99%)

Larry Sanders (Green) – 1,363 (3.54%)

Dickie Bird (UKIP) – 1,354 (3.52%)