Court Sentences Man in Drag to Life For Murdering Pigeon Racing Enthusiast With Sub-machine Gun

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 7:10 am, July 11, 2017

An Irish man has been found guilty of murdering a pigeon aficionado with a sub-machine gun while dressed as a woman.

Christopher McDonald, 34, who pleaded not guilty, was convicted of murdering father-of-two Keith Walker, 36, at Ireland’s Central Criminal Court following a unanimous verdict after two hours of jury deliberations, The Irish Times reported.

Walker was shot dead in a Dublin car park on June 12, 2015 while chatting with fellow pigeon racing enthusiasts. He had arrived at the club carrying pigeons belonging to a friend with whom he had planned to travel to Manchester that night for a weekend of pigeon racing.

During the trial, the jury was shown video footage from a CCTV camera of a person hanging around the club. The person was not initially recognized as the killer but the prosecution argued that it was him, dressed in drag, awaiting his chance to carry out the deadly attack.

Witnesses also said they saw a man that day in the area dressed as a woman wearing a long black wig and carrying a handbag.

Later that day, the murderer walked it through the main gate to the club, pulled out the gun and opened fire, killing Walker.

Walker was hit 18 times and died later from wounds to his head and body. The hit-man used a 9mm calibre Makarov submachine gun.

Forensic testing identified the murderer’s DNA on the wig and glove, which also had traces of firearms residue.

The prosecution had to rely on two teenage boys who claimed to have met the gunman as he was on its way to the pigeon club to carry out the attack.

The boys said they met a man in drag who asked them for directions to the pigeon club.

Justice Patrick McCarthy sentenced  McDonald to life imprisonment. After passing sentence, he thanked the jury and exempted them from further service for 10 years.