Convicted Sex Offenders in French Prisons Hired to Package Dildos for Sex Toy Company

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By Nahema Marchal | 12:42 pm, November 29, 2016

Call it the scandal of the plastic dildos.

The French this week are in a heated debate over the news that convicted inmates in southern France had been assigned to package sex toys for an adult company.

It is not uncommon for inmates serving time in prisons to take jobs with private companies as part of vocational rehabilitation programs to help them rejoin the workforce and pay their debt to society. That generally involves menial tasks like sorting and packaging daily goods in exchange for a bit of cash.

But according to local newspaper Nice Matin, a group of five convicts in Grasse—a town on the French riviera, known as the world capital of perfume—have been tasked with packing shipments for sex-toy company Easy Love. Four of the convicts are sex offenders.

This new production line is not to the liking of French prison union leaders, who are now in an uproar. Herve Segaud, spokesperson for the FO-Pénitentiaire union, told Le Parisien that even though he understands that French prisons needed to “get on with the times,” this work assignment is not good “for the rehabilitation of these kind of people with these kinds of sicknesses.”

He added that prison management needed to be “more vigilant” when choosing job assignment for the prisoners, as this blunder is also “disrespectful to the victims.”

“Can you imagine how the victims would feel if they learned what these prisoners are doing?” he said.

Easy Love could not be reached for comment.