Hillary Staffers Tweet Random Pics of Themselves Smiling to Combat Reports They Hated Each Other

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:04 pm, April 20, 2017
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A new book about the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, Shattered, claims to reveal how Clinton lost what seemed like a shoo-in election: vicious infighting, overconfidence, and a total lack of traditional campaign mechanics.

But former Clinton staffers refuse to acknowledge that they had the knives out for each other—and the candidate—in the last month of the race, and have taken to social media to prove they were all best friends, rather then the sniping, backbiting, acerbically critical, angry group Shattered claims they were.

They were totally in love, guys. Madly, desperately in love.

The flood of friendship became so overwhelming, Twitter started to mock the former staffers.

Shattered, of course, isn’t the first publication to reveal a deeply divided Clinton campaign. When, thanks to Wikileaks, John Podesta’s emails emerged in late September they also showed a deeply divided campaign, with strong disagreements over everything from messaging to Sidney Blumenthal’s unofficial role as an adviser.

Unfortunately for the former Clinton staffers, though, their lovey-dovey photos don’t depict excuses for some of the other reasons Clinton’s campaign was reportedly doomed to failure, like not polling in Rust Belt states (or at all in the last several months), or crafting a platform that appealed to enough American voters that she didn’t have to lose to a reality television star with a Mystic Tan.

Those failures the Clinton campaign is remarkably silent on.