Cinema Owned by Mel Gibson’s Company Bans ‘The Red Pill’

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:54 am, April 19, 2017

An Australian cinema which is part of a chain owned by Mel Gibson’s film company has banned a screening of the men’s rights documentary The Red Pill – reportedly because of objections from feminist groups.

Dendy, Australia’s largest independent film distributor and art house cinema group, is run by Icon Film Distribution, which Gibson co-owns.

It had sold-out a screening of The Red Pill on April 26 at Newtown, a Sydney suburb. However, according to local reports the showing has been dumped.

Another screening at a branch of Dendy – in Canberra on May 17 – also appears to have been ditched, according to media.

The showings were apparently organised by cinema crowdsourcing website FanForce.

Dendy had not commented at the time of publication.

The Red Pill chronicles “feminist filmmaker” Cassie Jaye’s exploration of the men’s rights movement.

The movie, which premiered in the US last October, shows Jaye beginning “to question her own beliefs” as she “sets out to document the mysterious and polarising world of the Men’s Rights Movement”.

“Jaye had only heard about the Men’s Rights Movement as being a misogynist hate-group aiming to turn back the clock on women’s rights,” the film’s blurb says, “but when she spends a year filming the leaders and followers within the movement, she learns the various ways men are disadvantaged and discriminated against.”

Among the issues the film covers are male suicide rates, workplace fatalities, sexual assault, family court and custody issues.

As Heat Street has reported previously, various cinemas around the world have already banned it after feminists objected to it being shown.

Last week, the University of Sydney Student Union announced it had banned showing the film on union premises, ahead of a planned screening on May 4 organised by the three conservative student groups.

“The Red Pill is purported to be a film which highlights issues specific to men in our society,” the USU said in a statement. “The USU is obviously supportive of efforts to bring awareness to, and to combat, issues such as the higher suicide rate for men than women.

“The reality of The Red Pill, however, is much more sinister. This documentary is decidedly anti-feminist and anti-woman, focusing not on the ways in which the systemic issues of patriarchy may also adversely affect men, but instead placing the blame on women and feminism specifically for men’s issues.”