Chuck C Johnson Sent Me Some Really Weird Emails

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By Louise Mensch | 7:32 pm, October 23, 2016
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Picture this. It’s a gentle weekend evening, I’m enjoying my regular late-night gloat at the disastrous state of Donald Trump in the polls (unlike this website itself, I personally am very much Never Trump) and all of a sudden I open my email to find a weird solicitation from a stranger.

Its title: “Dear Admitted Crazy Person [sic]”

‘Hi darling…’

Now the only people that call me darling are a) members of my family or b) one flamboyant gay friend, and this wasn’t her email address, so from whom could this be?

Oh joy! As I skimmed the paragraphs and hyperlinks it was clear this was Chuck C “Poop” Johnson, banned from Twitter, threatener of many lawsuits (including against Twitter), the red-headed, bespectacled boil on the bum of journalism.

Since being banned, Chuck Johnson had taken to creating multiple new social media accounts, with Twitter banning him again at every turn, and then finally he gave up and disappeared from view. Of late he popped up again with WeSearcher (to be known by us limeys as “WeeSearcher” to complement his “poop” nickname).

Johnson was now emailing me on an email address doxed personally by Julian Assange, working with the Russians.

Here, in all its glory, is what Mr. Johnson said:

Hi darling,
This tweet is incorrect. I do not work for Donald Trump.
Now I wouldn’t want to trouble Rupert about this but you know, libel is a danger [sic] sort of business and Rupert and I have known each other since my days working in the News Corp building.[lol!]
You know all about it don’t you honey? No, not winning awards but getting into tiffs for libel! [lol]
Or perhaps its the drugs, sweetie? [so many endearments, what a sweet-talker!]
By the way, how long have you been fucking Ahnold? Or is that just a rumor?
See, that’s called fact checking.
All the best,
Charles C. Johnson 
P.S. This one was friendly.
Founder, CEO of Crowdfunding the Truth
Founder of

Clearly “” whatever that might have been has been downgraded, like Johnson’s sanity.

At this point I was wondering why I should suffer alone, so I broadcast this to my friends on Twitter:

I replied:

Nervous are you?

You should be.
Chuck C “Poop” Johnson was undaunted, however, and continued immediately:
Not in the least bit darling. Just wait until we do to you what was done to Gawker.
Charles C. Johnson
Founder, CEO of Crowdfunding the Truth
Founder of
Sadly, Poop was apparently under the impression that he was Peter Thiel, who fought a righteous crusade against Gawker after it outed him and other gay men for no reason, something of which I heartily approved:

Thiel is not likely to approve of Johnson’s own penchant for ‘outing’ people, which is why he was banned from Twitter.

At this point tweeters were giving me suggestions of how to respond to Johnson, so I decided to crowd-source some questions for the great man:

But sadly not many people were too interested in Johnson’s views:

Following Johnson’s threat, such as it was, I replied:


[redacted] in the street recently?
How is that suit against Twitter coming?
Johnson sent me another missive:
Honey you know that’s not real, right? Oh wait! You do have problems with your brain! All the drugs, I’m afraid.
I’ll be in New York this week discussing it. Might be a scoop for you.
Would love to buy a drink (or something harder) so I can show you how it’s really done.
Or have you tired of plagiarizing Milo and me yet?
I found your prevaricating on behalf of the Last King of Australia marvelous. TOP NOTCH. Is it tricky being a feminist who always has to rely on men for everything?
The last company I sued isn’t with us anymore. RIP Gawker.
Charles C. Johnson
Founder, CEO of Crowdfunding the Truth
Again, Mr. Johnson was clearly convinced that he was Peter Thiel, as Gawker’s demise was down to it being ‘the last company I sued’. But as dominating as ‘gotnews’ will undoubtedly become, at time of writing it has not quite reached the dizzy heights of PayPal and Facebook, due, no doubt, to a discriminating and biased general public.
And I was naturally disappointed by his snarky reference to ‘The Last King of Australia’, [sic] –  for hadn’t he assured me as recently as two emails prior that he and ‘Rupert’ [sic] were on first name terms, indeed besties, since Chuck had ‘worked in the News Corp building’ (along with several thousand others) so many moons ago?
But as we at Heat Street pride ourselves on not being special snowflakes, I ploughed on. I had to deliver my crowd-sourced questions.

Questions: Do you like eating at Arby’s?

Can you confirm or deny that you like eating at Arby’s?
Do you have tips for being a successful litigant?
Can you confirm or deny that you are having a quiet evening?
Chuck gave me his finest reply yet, and as you can imagine, it left me quaking in my boots. There was no way back for me now.
I have never eaten at an Arby’s. Do learn how to do the fact checking thing. We wouldn’t want you to wind up like Rolling Stone or Gawker (though it would please be [sic] greatly to see you deposed).
I achieved all my objectives with Gawker. Next up Twitter. [Be afraid, Jack Dorsey, be very afraid – LM] Perhaps I should use the money I’ve made from shorting their stock.
Now I get to ask one. Can you confirm or deny that you are fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger and nailing his leftovers after his maid [sic. Your guess as good as mine as to what this means] ?
Oh and be assured that Rupert will see this chain. He needs to know what he’s investing in, after all.
Charles C. Johnson
Founder, CEO of Crowdfunding the Truth
Founder of
I cannot say what is wrong with asking if one has eaten at Arby’s. What a one percenter, folks! Why is Donald J. Trump aligning with these elitists? Regrettably, I could take no more of this snobby, hoity-toity attitude against decent, simple people who like to eat at Arby’s, and moved to bring our correspondence to a close, even though I now had an exclusive on the dreadful fate that was shortly to befall Twitter at the hands of Chuck’s lawyers.
Ingratitude, thy name is woman.