Cheerleading Team Ordered to Cancel Party Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’; Holds it Anyway

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By Kieran Corcoran | 3:33 am, October 13, 2016

A British cheerleading team has shrugged off hectoring from campus SJWs and will hold a controversial party anyway.

The Bristol Jets, the cheerleading society at the University of Bristol, was ordered to cancel a themed gathering because of fears over “cultural appropriation”.

Members of the team were encouraged to dress up in tracksuits and sports gear for a “chav-themed” social – prompting accusations that they were mocking working-class culture.

Hannah Dualeh, the student union’s grandly-titled Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, called the event “classist and horrible” and said it should be shut down.

But the organisers of the event effectively gave her the finger, and renamed the bash instead.

The Jets changed their event name to “comfortable tracksuit bottoms and jumper night” on Facebook, according to the Bristol Tab, and seemed resolved to carry on regardless:

The revamped Facebook event page after the team was told to shut it down

It’s not clear how the Bristol SJW community – fresh from getting a Verdi opera scrapped for spurious racial reasons – have reacted to not getting their own way.

Heat Street was unable to reach Dualeh yesterday evening. Representatives of the Jets declined to comment just before the party was due to start.