Channel 4 News Journalist In Knifepoint Mugging At Calais Jungle

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By Miles Goslett | 4:11 am, October 24, 2016

A Channel 4 News journalist has been mugged at knifepoint at the Calais ‘Jungle’.

The unnamed member of staff was robbed over the weekend as part of what has been described as a “spate” of muggings as they were covering the closure of the controversial site in the French port.

Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O’Brien made a brief passing reference to the attack during Sunday night’s edition of the programme but bosses have removed O’Brien’s report from its website – almost certainly because as he spoke live to the studio in London he was interrupted by another resident of the camp who walked past him shouting “Fuck the police”.

Last night violence in Calais flared up again as police clashed with migrants ahead of today’s┬ámass clearance before its planned demolition.

It has housed about 7,000 people in squalid conditions but they are being bussed to refugee centres around France today.

Some migrants are refusing to leave because they insist they only want to get to Britain.

The mugging is the latest reported crime at the Calais Jungle against journalists reporting from the camp and is likely to trigger wider questions about whether European countries should be obliged to accept migrants who are also criminals.

Last month three Mail on Sunday reporters were ambushed as they drove near the French port. A large log was hurled at their car, forcing it to swerve into the path of a juggernaut, squashing it like an accordion. The three were injured and required hospital treatment.

Setting up collisions in this way is a tactic that has been used regularly by migrants who then sneak onto lorries in the resulting tailbacks.