Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau Pelted With Pumpkin Seeds By Green Activist

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By Maria Bervanakis | 1:49 pm, October 23, 2016

A green activist shouting “keep your promises” has thrown a handful of pumpkin seeds with hand drawn hearts at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp said the woman shoved past reporters and threw the seeds at Trudeau in Hamilton on Friday before police wrestled her to the ground. Trudeau, who appeared unharmed, was hustled into his car.

The woman later told the CBC she was protesting about plans to expand an Enbridge Inc oil pipeline that runs through Hamilton, a city about 80km southwest of Toronto.

“I did it because I care, and I didn’t know how else to get my point across,” said the woman, who identified herself as Ute Schmid-Jones.

Schmid-Jones later tweeted “I’m ok”.

She added: “I tossed the seeds. I wanted to give him the seeds. I would have tossed them at his feet, but the crowd was too tight”.

The seeds – or at least some of them – had hand drawn hearts on them.

The CBC said Hamilton police had released her without charge.

Trudeau’s Liberal government is under increasing pressure from environmentalists to block major pipeline projects by Enbridge, Kinder Morgan Inc and TransCanada Corp.

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