Cambridge University Student Threatened For Exposing Anti-White Secret Society

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By Miles Goslett | 3:36 am, September 20, 2016

A Cambridge University student who exposed anti-white hatred on a secret Facebook group started by students from Oxford University has been threatened with “disciplinary action” by a senior member of his college’s staff.

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Will TG Miller, a student at Trinity Hall, revealed in an article for Heat Street this month that the Facebook group Race Matters had become increasingly aggressive towards whites and those perceived by some of its 7,000 members to be “racist”.

Miller also stated that some Jewish students had been subject to openly hostile comments from some members of the group.



But after his report was published, he was warned by an official from his college that it had generated complaints and must be censored. Failure to do so would result in unspecified consequences.

In an email sent to Miller on September 12 and subsequently leaked to Heat Street, the official wrote: “Since online responses to this article, and subsequent communications have, however, generated a serious risk of reputational damage to the College, I am requesting that you ensure that this article be immediately amended in such a way as to anonymize the personal details of any individual cited who has not given their explicit consent to be identified by you in the article. Please note that…failure to comply with my request may result in disciplinary action being taken at a subsequent stage.”

When Miller wrote his original story for Heat Street, he believed he was performing a public service by exposing this information about Race Matters. The irony is that nobody has disputed the accuracy of his report – the threat of disciplinary action was made to Miller because some of the group’s members didn’t want their discussion in the group exposed.

It’s understood that following several conversations between Miller and the official, all talk of sanctions against him was eventually abandoned. He has so far faced no disciplinary action, despite the articles remaining unchanged.

However, some students believe that the intent to punish him for publishing his factually accurate article proves once again that freedom of speech and independent thinking are increasingly under threat at universities.

A Trinity Hall spokesman said: “We have had constructive dialogue with this student and a decision has been taken to follow pastoral methods of resolving any issues raised. It would be inappropriate to comment on this matter further. ”