Breaking Bad-Obsessed Satanist Murderer Stefano Brizzi Says He Was Inspired By Show To Dissolve Victim’s Body in Acid

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By Felix Allen | 8:51 am, November 2, 2016
A satanist accused of strangling and dismembering a policeman today admitted he was inspired to dissolve the victim’s body in acid by a scene from TV show Breaking Bad.
Stefano Brizzi, 50, who worked as a web developer for City bank Morgan Stanley, is said to have murdered PC Gordon Semple, 59, after organizing a “chemsex” hook-up on gay dating app Grindr.

Brizzi allegedly chopped him to bits then tried to dispose of part of the corpse in a bath of acid – just like a scene from his favorite TV drama.

In the episode The Cat’s out of the Bag, Walter White’s sidekick Jessie Pinkman dissolves the body of a rival crystal meth dealer in hydrofluoric acid.

But bungling Jesse ignores Walter’s instructions to use a plastic container and the acid burns through his bathtub.

In the days after the killing, Brizzi was captured on CCTV in a nearby decorating supplies shop buying a haul of equipment including saws, metal sheeting and plastic buckets as well as bottles of acid and cleaning products.

He was seen carefully inspecting the depth and thickness of the buckets and even put his head inside one large container before buying it.

Brizzi told an Old Bailey jury today: “I remember in that episode Jesse doesn’t use the right type of plastic for the bathtub and the bathtub gets eroded and the whole thing ends up on the floor.”

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett said: “You knew perfectly well that it was hydrofluoric acid that was used in the programme.

“Why was it you were so interested in the bucket you bought in Leyland?

“Did you want to make sure you didn’t make the same mistake the Walter White’s sidekick Jesse by buying the wrong type of plastic and the whole thing dissolving and going on to the floor?

“Were you living out your own episode of Breaking Bad in your own little flat in Southwark?”

Brizzi replied: “I had a dead body and I had no idea what to do and I decided I wanted to dispose of it and I accept I’m guilty. I had no idea how to dispose of it. I accept that I should have called the police.”

Mr Aylett repeated: “Do you accept you were living an episode of Breaking Bad?”

He replied: “I accept that at some point I considered, without any rationality at all because there was nothing rational about it, I think I was inspired by that idea.

“I took whatever was there thinking that maybe I could dissolve it.”

The defendant added: “If I had thought about it I would have done things in a much more organized way.

“The actual thing was that the bath was absolutely tiny. I had no knives, no saws, nothing out of the ordinary – I had no idea what chemicals I was using.

“I probably thought of it because of the scene in Breaking Bad – I’m not saying I was not inspired by that idea.”

This article originally appeared in the Sun.