Bonkers BBC Asks Jeremy Corbyn About Meeting Donald Trump

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By Miles Goslett | 7:09 am, November 14, 2016

BBC presenter Andrew Marr asked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday what he thinks about president-elect Trump supposedly “demonising” foreigners.

Four minutes into their chat, Marr said: “Your own wife is Mexican, so this must feel fairly personal to you. And yet, as a possible future prime minister you may have to deal with Donald Trump. I wonder how you feel about that?”

Corbyn replied: “I’m looking forward to the conversation between my wife and Donald Trump.”

Isn’t this totally delusional?

Corbyn’s wife may be Mexican, but she doesn’t live in America, she lives in Britain. Why would Trump’s policy be “personal” to Corbyn?

And as for the idea that Trump is ever going to meet Mr and Mrs Corbyn, there is more chance of man reaching the moon by bicycle than that ever happening.