Bob Geldof Gives The Kiss of Death to Lib-Dem By-Election Candidate

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By Kieran Corcoran | 9:40 am, November 30, 2016

By almost universal consent, Bob Geldof’s sneering intervention for Remain was the absolute low-point of the campaign.

Sailing in his pleasure boat, fingers aloft in a V-sign, contempt in his eyes, railing against impoverished Brexiteer fishermen – the multi-millionaire encapsulated the haughty arrogance of the pro-EU elite:

The campaign has exposed ugly divisions. Above, Bob Geldof makes rude gestures at Brexit-supporting fishermen

You might think such a disastrous intervention would keep him out of politics for a while – but obviously not. The Boomtown Rat has today been unveiled as the face of the Liberal Democrat’s latest attempt to bolster their numbers in parliament:

A video published on party social media channels shows the wrinkled pop star banging the drum for Sarah Olney, the party’s candidate in the Richmond Park by-election.

Far from sticking to local issues – such as the expansion of nearby Heathrow Airport which prompted local MP Zac Goldsmith to stand down – Geldof, who actually lives in Chelsea, attempts to spin the election as a chance to undo the decision of his fisherman foes and their allies to leave the EU.

With little sense of self-awareness, Geldof says: “We all recognise the democratic vote of June 23rd but we also accept our democratic responsibility and duty to reject that argument.

“The Lib Dems are the only party ballsy enough to outright say we reject it out of hand and will fight it to the bitter end. They need our vote.”

On this, Geldof papers over the difficulty his candidate has had with Brexit.

Shortly after the vote, Olney wrote that Remainers must accept “accept” the result, and not “re-run the referendum” in a blog post she later deleted.

However, since disappearing the sentiment, Olney promised to oppose a “hard Brexit” and got behind the Lib Dem project of being as obstructive as possible when it comes to the EU.