Black Man Who Underwent Penis Transplant Will Have it Tattooed Because Donor Was White

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:52 am, May 24, 2017

A black man who received the world’s third successful penis transplant has asked to go undergo extensive medical tattooing on his new phallus due to….a color mismatch.

It took a team of South African surgeons nearly 10-hours to attach the penis to their 40-year-old patient. But the later had no idea that his donor was white.

As Professor André van der Merwe, head of Stellenbosch University’s urology department told the Daily Mail: “The patient is black, and the donor was white.”

“We have very few donors for this transplant procedure. But that is the only issue left.The man had been in relationships before, but whenever the question of sex arose, he bailed out. That will no longer be a problem.”

Professor Andre van der Merwe (L), head of the Stellenbosch University Division of Urology, and Professor Rafique Moosa (R), Executive Head of the Department at the University of Stellenbosch, give a press conference at the Tygerberg Hospital in Bellville in Cape Town, on March 13, 2015, to announce that they had performed the world’s first successful penis transplant, three months after the ground-breaking operation(AFP/Getty Images)

The man, who must remain anonymous for ethical reasons, had reportedly lost his penis due to complications following a botched circumcision and had since been suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts.

But his organ has finally been restored and within six months he will be able to use the toilet and have sex just like anyone else.

Van der Merwe and his team performed the first successful penis transplant on a 21-year old man in December 2014, then the second was completed in Boston.  Van der Merwe spent years experimenting on cadavers to figure out how nerves and blood vessels should be connected to restore sensation and full function.

Experts estimate that as many as 250 partial and total penile amputations occur every year in South Africa.