Black Friday Gaming Deals for Brits – UK Gamers Edition

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By James Bagshawe | 3:45 am, November 23, 2016

Black Friday is now pretty well established on British shores with most retailers getting involved in the feeding frenzy that has consumed our transatlantic chums for some time now. What this means is terrific bargains that will have your wallet weeping. It’s time to round up the best of what’s on offer in gaming so far.

PS4 Slim 500gb, COD: Infinite Warfare, Overwatch & Titanfall 2 for £249

This is straight up insane value. You are getting the slim PS4 with three top quality titles for an absolute steal. Yes, there’s a shooting theme here but even if that’s not your bag you can auction off the titles you don’t want and drive the effective purchase cost down even lower. This is the best bundle for PS4 that I have seen to date and if this doesn’t entice you to take the plunge, nothing will. Get the deal here (and don’t forget to activate the special offers you’ll find on the page).

GTA V for £17.99

Grand Theft Auto is a monster franchise and GTA V is one of the most ambitious games ever created. If you have not yet spent any time in Los Santos then you have been missing out. Like a good many high quality titles, GTA 5 has had a very slow price decay, so this Amazon deal is worth snapping up. It should be pointed out that this will not be a Steam key but uses Rockstar’s own DRM, so bear that in mind. At this price, though, it seems a small sacrifice indeed. Get the deal here.

Xbox One S 1tb, Gears of War 4, Forza 3 for £269

This is another great console deal, this time for the Xbox One S. You are getting the full terabyte of disk space plus two excellent exclusive titles for just a shade over two fifty. That’s hard to beat. Forza 3 would be the current neutral’s choice for best driving game available right now and Gears 4 is more of the same entertaining carnage that you’ve come to know and love from that series. Get the deal here.

LG 43” 4k UHD TV, #1 Best Seller for £399

What use are the latest and greatest games if you don’t have a premium TV to play them on? This deal from Amazon is frankly incredible. To the nerdy among you, no, this TV is not a 10-bit panel though it will display 10-bit sources (ie – games) just fine. If you were wanting over 40 inches of 10-bit screen at this price, well, so are we all but it’s not happening this year. To the non-techy among you, this is the answer for your next television. It’s as simple as that. Get the deal here.

Bear in mind that there will be more deals leading up to Black Friday but plenty of these are time limited and there is a real risk that you could hold out for that perfect deal and be disappointed. My advice would be that if you see a deal that you are happy with, go for it while it’s there. Better to see it later with maybe £10 shaved off than to not see it later until it’s back to full price and you have lost out on a £100+ saving, but it’s up to you.