Berlin Attacks: Refugee From Pakistan Named As Suspect

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:43 am, December 20, 2016

A Pakistani refugee has been named as the suspected terrorist who slaughtered 12 Christmas market shoppers in Berlin last night.

German media are reporting that a 23-year-old who entered the country under Angela Merkel’s open-door asylum policy is the man who drove a truck into a crowded market in the latest terror attack on a major European city.

Witnesses say the suspect drove the black Scania truck at around 40mph into crowds, killing 12 and leaving at least 48 more injured.

A report in the German tabloid Bild calls man “Naved B”, citing police sources. The broadsheet Die Welt appeared to back up the report, naming the suspect as “Navid B”, who it says came from Turbat, Pakistan.

According to the respected DPA news agency, security officials say the suspect lived in a refugee center in Berlin.

They believe he entered the country in February 2016 along the “Balkan Route”, via which large numbers of refugees travelled into Europe from Turkey, then up through the continent to western European nations like Germany.

Police in Berlin have said they believe the truck, which had Polish number plates, was stolen from a building site in Poland and driven to the busy Breitscheidplatz on Monday.

He is believed to have fled on foot after the attack, before being apprehended more than a mile away.

A Polish man was found dead in the cab of the truck next to where the attack would have been sitting.

In the hours after the attack, German police raided a the largest refugee centre in Berlin.

Flughfen Tempelhof was stormed by officers looking for information. Hundreds of armed officers are said to have spent five hours at the center.